Your Weather Observations

My weather station is hard at work on my garage.

Real-time weather data is collected in one hour intervals. (Data transfer to this site is dependent on Paul’s computer being booted up.)

A battery powered sensor suite recharged by a solar panel records

  • temperature
  • humidity
  • wind speed
  • wind direction
  • rainfall

Data is transmitted to a receiver in my house.

Once an hour, my computer downloads data from receiver. Data is crunched and images built by the computer. Computer uploads images to web server. You call up the page and see the images

The TV stations and other internet weather sites collect their data from Harrisburg and other places far away from here. Visit the links on this website for current weather and accumulated data to see the weather data collected in downtown Emigsville.

Reply in the comments below if you have some good weather observations in Emigsville. A huge hail stone, a tree blown down… sometimes the best weather stations are people.