Trolley service on North George Street

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Looking north entering Emigsville. Shiloh Nursery would be on the right. These trolley tracks ran street cars though Emigsville in the late 20’s. The York Haven line ran up from Continental Square in York up to York Haven. From Emigsville you could take electric light rail to downtown york, take a side line to visit a friend in the avenues.. catch an electric trolley to Hanover/Mc Sherrystown, Wrightsville, Red Lion clear to Bittersville and all local stops in between. Link here to learn more about the York Trolleys.

Photo courtesy of the Manchester Township Historical Society.

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  1. Avatar Maxine Lumsargis
    Maxine Lumsargis says:

    Looking north upon entering Emigsville, Shiloh Nursery would be on the west and left in the photo.