How this site works is designed to be an interactive site; a web based version of a kiosk on center square. Think of fliers stapled to the front doors of town hall, a central gathering place for people and their ideas.

As community services consolidate and regionalize, small communities often loose a central focus for ideas.

The banners that line North George Street represent the doors of our blog based town hall, a gateway to

Almost every area of this website can be commented on. A link at the lower right hand side of each entry provides you an opportunity to add your community voice to Click on the link and a field will appear for you to add a comment. Visitors will see your comment and can add another comment.

  • We will not ask you to register
  • We do not collect email addresses

The entries are anonymous unless you would like to add your name to the comment.

Entries for the entire site will appear on the main page and scroll down as they are added. Individual topics can be found in the index along the right hand side of the main page.

If you have an idea for this site that would enrich our community contact us at