PART VIII — Don Dull speaks at Story Night

DULL.jpgBefore York Water we had a wooden water main that ran from Forge Hill

One thing about Emigsville before they had the water line here from the water company, that came through in the 30’s…there was a water line that ran up into the Forge Hill area and the piped the water down through and up on High Street near Baker Road, now called Sinking Springs. There was a water tank up there. (You can still see the depression in the hillside from the tank near the intersection of Sinking Springs and High Street-pmk)

The thing is, you had to plan Sunday evening if you are gunna do your wash on Monday you better start tappin water Sunday evening because if everyone started tappin water on Monday you didn’t have any water pressure.

When Attorney Kane dug the ponds up there at the other end of Emigsville, he showed me a pipe, a wooden pipe this big around and about eight foot long and they drilled a hole straight through there and then they put a piece of metal stickin in either end, then they put them together. He said that this was part of the water line that came down from the springs and come down through gravity up where the pines are at the other end of Emigsville at Bakers.

Emigsville was just a village and no matter which way you went from there was just farm houses and farms.

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5 Responses to PART VIII — Don Dull speaks at Story Night

  1. Avatar Lori Frysinger
    Lori Frysinger says:

    My family moved to Emigsivlle around 1963/64. My father was Rollie Fries. We lived in the old schoolhouse and then moved to the old Charleston house on the corner of Broad and Sinking Springs lane. I was always told that the Charleston house was the first one built on that street. I would be interested to know when the next story night would be. I don’t live in Emigsville now but consider my self an Emisvillian.

  2. Hi Lori, Was the Charleston House the white one that stands alone with the tower/bay on the end? What did the school house look like inside at that time?

  3. Avatar Lori Frysinger
    Lori Frysinger says:

    Yes the Charlston House is on the corner of Broad and Sinking Springs. The old schoolhouse was divided into 3 apartments. I belief there are still 3 apartments and they haven’t changed on the inside.

  4. Avatar George Hay Kain III
    George Hay Kain III says:

    I was eight years old when my parents bought the farm Don Dull refers to as being crossed by the wooden water line from Forge Hill to Emigsville. The closing date was September 15, 1956. My father, Attorney George Hay Kain Jr., arranged for H.J. Williams Company to do major bulldozing work necessary to create three ponds where there had previously only been on small one. When the bulldozer operator building the upstream pond unknowingly struck the long-forgotten water pipe with the blade of his dozer, all the water that had been backed up in the pipe for years suddenly erupted into the air like a geyser. The dozer operator, thinking he he struck a gas line, jumped off the dozer so quickly and headed for the hills that it was a sight to behold.

    I would like to add that Don Dull was one of my Boy Scout leader when I was a youngster, and I owe him a lot for the time he gave to us young Scouts. /s/ George Hay Kain III – 22 September 2008.

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