Emigsville Shiny Brite

Shiny Brite ornaments, popular from the 1940’s, were manufactured in and distributed from Emigsvlle until the 1960’s. A Shiny Brite display and brief history is planned from late October through November at the Manchester Township Historical Society, on display in the lobby of the Manchester Township municipal building.

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  1. Hi! I have a collection of shiny brite ornaments. Did this company make the mercury glass garland strands as well? Also could you tell me if I need to be cautious with these ornaments as far as breakage is concerned..do they contain small levels of mercury as the name suggests? Thanks for the info!

  2. I believe that the silvering used, much like a mirror is made didn’t contain mercury maybe blow glass silvered between the layers with a solution containing silver nitrate.

    Shiny Brite did make ornament that people refer to as mercury glass in that they were blown glass than was silvered.

    But as will all old decorations/toys it would be wise not to put them in your mouth and wash your hands when handling them. Old tinsel was often made of lead….come to think of it this also seems to apply to anything new coming out of China
    An interesting link about Mercury Glass.

  3. My sister, Rosemarie Holmes, worked at Shiny Brite. Any other former employees around?

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    smillieface says:

    I have the 12 days of christmas shiny brite ornaments what year were these made