Historic Emigsville notecards


On the back of the card reads… “Before street lights were installed in Emigsville, the people carried lanterns as they walked to church. The lanterns were deposited on the church porch during the services, to be relighted upon departure. A supply of matches was kept on the porch.”

Bethany Chapel of Emigsville was chartered in 1871. the affairs were managed and conducted by trustees from the denominations of Lutherans, German Reformed, and United Brethren in Christ. This “Union” chapel had an earlier beginning as a “Union Sunday School” in 1866 and met in the one-room schoolhouse about 100 feet to the north. The land upon which the chapel was built in 1870, was transferred to the trustees by Mr. & Mrs. John Emig Jr. for the sum of one dollar.

As the congregations grew, and then withdrew to build their own buildings, the Bethany Chapel building was purchased in 1926 by A.E. Baker and torn down. The land reverted to the donors, the Emig family, while the two flanking evergreen trees remain standing today, east of the RR and along Church Rd. The opening quote was found in old 1965 records of interviews with residents of Emigsville who had attended the Bethany Chapel prior to 1926.

Designed by Maxine Lumsargis – 764-0229 – Manchester Township Historical Society Two sets of note cards, with 10 in a package, are available for purchase. One is pictured and the other depicts Pfaltzgraff pottery, that was prominent in Foustown area. Only 30 packs remain, but Maxine will reprint if there is an interest.