4 Responses to John Emig farm in 1876

  1. This is a wonderful drawing of the Emig farm. Thank you so much for posting it. I would love to get a copy of it and frame it for the mansion.

  2. Avatar Breanna Heilman (Central York Highschool)
    Breanna Heilman (Central York Highschool) says:

    Students from Central York High school are doing research on an old farm house suspected to be built around 1860 on Mundis Mill road in York. I was wondering if you knew where this farm was located at and if it is the same farm our class suspects it to be. Also where did you acquire this drawing?

  3. Avatar DianneB
    DianneB says:

    The John Emig house in the line drawing/etching no longer exists. It was destroyed when the industrial park was built. The old farm house stood under the large tree at the corner of Church Rd. and Emig Road.

    It appears that you are researching the miller’s house adjacent to what is known as Locust Lane or Mundis Mill or even Myer’s Mill.


  4. Avatar DianneB
    DianneB says:

    Looks like school is out for the summer.

    Did your project center on the old farmhouse at the corner of Sherman Street and Mundis Mill Road? My great grandfather lived there.

    Do you have an address for the farmhouse you are researching?

    I acquired the line drawing from my uncle who died recently. He had a framed copy in his home. He was born in the Emig farmhouse as my grandfather rented the farm for a brief time in the early 1900’s.