This Emigsville treasure almost made it back to Emigsville

emig.jpgA random man from Covington, Ga found a book at Goodwill for $2.50 and asked if the heritage project wanted, but when he went back he said it was gone. He took some snapshots of it. Interesting window into 1897.

It would be interesting in the (1897) context of the inscription. I am assuming John H might be the grandson of John the original Emig?

Here was the inscription:

Christmas Day 1897
We must escape from the limitations which gall our freedom by out growing them, by rising above them.
The “life more abundant is the only remedy for what we call evil”
John H. Emig, Emigsville, Pa.

And Merry Christmas to you Mr. Emig.

Jim McClure expands on in his blog Yorktownsquare here

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