Deli wall mural is coming along.

Printing large photos on vinyl, a low cost, nice quality option.
A detail of the larger color print.

It’s the same material that is used to wrap vehicles, only mounted on foamboard, or plexiglas. or your car.  The process is extremely UV stable because it is usually displayed on vehicles.

The total cost is about half of what I got quotes to print on photo paper and mounted on foamboard.

These prints are all about 20 inches by 30 inches. The size (quality) is mostly restricted by the resolution of your image file size. It is printed on a roll printer and the continuous prints can be seamed like wall paper. My vinyl was laminated (UV coating) and will be hung in frames under glass.

I used 400 dpi uncompressed raw files shot with a Nikon DSLR. One image is a macro of a two inch diameter paper seal, another a portrait of My Favorite Deli I shot last summer. Copies of old newspaper clippings and a neat old portrait of some guys sitting inside when the building was the Manchester Grange, shot off a tiny not so good copy print.

Local interior design guru, and fellow deli sandwich eater, C. A. Kauffman came up with the layout and sizes and will be cutting down and refinishing reused frames with a hand rubbed finish to give them all the same look. Craig sourced the frames at the Economy Store in York and the Salvation Army Family Store. A teddy bear portrait and possibly Elvis will be sacrificed.

Downtown York historical treat: Check out The Economy Store, second floor for an old school downtown department store building treat with wooden banister railings and floors.


One of the walls at My favorite Deli that will display the framed photos.

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