Acme wagon lives on in Nebraska

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Craig Johnson writes,

I recently purchased at auction a wagon which to the best of my current research indicates it was made by the Acme Wagon Company in Emigsville, PA, probably in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s.  I am doing research now with wagon historians to determine further identification and historical ownership if possible.

It’s last journey landed it in Aurora, Nebraska, and the wagon is now in a shed on one of my farms near Denton, Nebraska.

The wagon is in very good shape for it’s age and appears to have been stored inside for a number of years which has contributed to it’s current condition.  Fortunately enough paint is still intact on the wagon which clearly indicates it was made by Acme. I cannot find any other wagon makers using that particular name during that period.  It was fairly unusual for an eastern produced wagon to make it this far west during that time as their were a number of wagon builders in Illinois (John Deere/Moline) , Iowa, Missouri etc. which obviously were much closer to this area and easier to deliver.

Copy of IMG_3546It is a bit unique in that it carries the additional designation as “Special” on both the side printing and on the rear axle and the ACME brand name is written in scroll rather than block letters which from other photos most of their wagons carried.  This particular wagon was used in corn shucking as it is a
” 3 board” side and has an extension pieces for one side that allowed the farmer to throw the corn ears up against he side and let them fall into the wagon after they were gleaned.  I did see online a picture of Acme’s letterhead from correspondence in 1916 and the scroll version of their name was on that document.

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acme wagon

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