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old ballerWe are you, a group of neighbors who decided in early 2006 the revitalize and re-energize the village of Emigsville as a place in an ever consolidating world of bigger things with less identity; help foster a stronger community and establish a village voice.

Please contact me if you would like to post anything on this site related to Emigsville, have a concern you would like to see addressed at one of our monthly meetings (usually the first Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m.) or have an idea for a community event  –  Paul Kuehnel  –  mail@emigsville.org

Jun 8, 2006 —  Full Story link here at ydr.com

Villages such as Emigsville in Manchester Township have a rich history. Now, a group of residents and business people want to make people aware of that heritage and increase their sense of community.

The Manchester Township supervisors recently recognized the Emigsville Heritage Project as a committee of the Manchester Township Recreation Commission. The group hopes to undertake several projects, said Shary Smith, of the Emig Mansion. Smith is the president of the organization. Other officers of the band include Craig Kauffman, vice-president, and Cathy Loughman, secretary/treasurer.

“Emigsville was a thriving community,” Smith said, recalling the days when businesses and social events were more prominent. “We would like to bring some of the energy back to the community.”

The mission statement for the group says its goal is to revitalize and re-energize the village by incorporating the combined efforts of residents, businesses and the historical society. Its purpose is to rekindle the pride of the village and create strong community relationships.

The group’s first project will be to place banners along North George Street. Businesses can purchase the banners, which will have a logo as well as the business name. The group also hopes to put flowerpots or boxes along the streets.

One other side of their project is to bring more of a sense of community to the residents. To move toward this goal, the group hopes to mark the boundaries of the community, get the village’s name on maps and to form a neighborhood watch program. They will also be selling license plates which will say “Proud resident of Emigsville,” Smith said.


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