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  • One year charts

    The high temperature in Emigsville for 2006 – August 1 – 99 degrees.
    The low temperature in Emigsville for 2006 – February 19 – 10 degrees.

    Rainfall over a current one year period and current calendar year.

    All below charts are over a current one year period.

    Blip in rain rate April 2006 was due to a clogged collection funnel. Something decided to eat berries above it. Collected rain rapidly passed the sensor once it was free to flow.

  • Our Mission

    To revitalize and re-energize the village of Emigsville, Pennsylvania by incorporating the combined efforts of the residents, the businesses and the historical society.

    To rekindle the pride of the village; to create strong community relationships with each other as neighbors and friends so that all villagers may feel connected; to maintain and support a healthy, safe and secure community; and to establish a village voice.

  • How this site works

    Emigsville.org is designed to be an interactive site; a web based version of a kiosk on center square. Think of fliers stapled to the front doors of town hall, a central gathering place for people and their ideas.

    As community services consolidate and regionalize, small communities often loose a central focus for ideas.

    The banners that line North George Street represent the doors of our blog based town hall, a gateway to Emigsville.org

    Almost every area of this website can be commented on. A link at the lower right hand side of each entry provides you an opportunity to add your community voice to Emigsville.org. Click on the link and a field will appear for you to add a comment. Visitors will see your comment and can add another comment.

    • We will not ask you to register
    • We do not collect email addresses

    The entries are anonymous unless you would like to add your name to the comment.

    Entries for the entire site will appear on the main page and scroll down as they are added. Individual topics can be found in the index along the right hand side of the main page.

    If you have an idea for this site that would enrich our community contact us at mail@emigsville.org

  • Emigsville Businesses

    Links open in a new window
    (* indicates a banner sponsor)

    *Beck & Ness Woodworking – 3337 N. George Street – 717.764.3984 – MAP

    *Hafa Construction Inc. – 3277 North George Street – 717.764.8709 – MAP

    *The Emig Mansion3342 North George Street – 717.764.2226 – MAP
    A restored 19th century Bed & Breakfast

    *Industrial Lubricants & Products Inc. – 3337 N. George St – 866.483.6457 – MAP
    Full Line Of Major Brand Oils And Chemicals

    Mansion Stone – 3342 North George Street – 717.683.5472 – MAP
    A design and fabrication shop of natural stone

    *Feeser & Williams Insurance – 3123 N George

    *St. Mark Evangelical Lutheran Church – 3293 Broad

    *Emigsville Storage3279 Otterbein

    *R.D. Heller Plumbing & Heating, Inc.3337 N George

    *American Tile, Inc.25 Aberdeen

    *Interiors 2000 Plus, Inc.90 Aberdeen

    *Hilda’s Furniture – 3397 N George

    *Therapeutic Massage – 3281 N George

    *My Favorite Deli3397 N George – Link here for Daily Specials

    *Otterbein United Methodist Church of Emigsville – 3241 N George

    *The Emig Mansion3342 N George

    *New Length Nail Boutique – 3294 N George

    *Shiloh Nurseries3100 N George

  • >>>WEATHER NOW<<<

    Current temperature humidity and dewpoint in Emigsville, Pennsylvania

    High and low is defined by a 24 hour period beginning at midnight.

    (Data transfer to this page is dependent on Paul’s computer being booted up.)

    Rainfall totals for today

    Storm rain is the amount of rain that falls in one storm event; defined by the when the rain sensor begins and ends recording rainfall. For total rain this year, see the accumulated data page. The storm total resets with each rain event.

    Rain Rate is defined as the rate at which rain falls and what it would equal if it kept raining at that rate for one hour. For example: It may say 10 in/hr, but the rain may only be falling at that rate for 5 minutes. A high rain rate over time is a good indication that flooding will occur.
    Barometric Pressure for today

    Changes in barometric pressure can be used to help predict weather. This is the scale used to define the H’s and L’s on TV weather maps.

    A “high”is an area where the air’s pressure is higher than the pressure of the surrounding air. A “low’ is where it’s lower. Meteorologists don’t have any particular number that divides high from low pressure; it’s the relative differences that count.

    The pressure is high at the surface where air is slowly descending — much too slowly to feel. And, this is going on over a large area, maybe a few hundred square miles. As air descends, it warms, which inhibits the formation of clouds. This is why high pressure is generally — but not quite always — associated with good weather.Link to a story about this http://www.usatoday.com/weather/tg/whighlow/whighlow.htm

    Wind data for today

    Wind speed at the time the measurement was taken.

    High is the maximum wind speed for the day

    Average wind speed is the speed of the wind in a 10 minute interval before the time stamp in the image

    Wind chill is the apparent temperature felt on exposed skin due to the combination of air temperature and wind speed.

  • Emigsville Weather Station

    Real-time weather data collected above a garage in Emigsville, Pennsylvania in one hour intervals. (Data transfer to this site is dependent on Paul’s computer being booted up.)

    A battery powered sensor suite recharged by a solar panel records

    • temperature
    • humidity
    • wind speed
    • wind direction
    • rainfall

    Data is transmitted to a receiver in my house.

    Once an hour, my computer downloads data from receiver.
    Data is crunched and images built by the computer.
    Computer uploads images to web server.
    You call up the page and see the images

    Current Weather Data

    Accumulated Data

  • Two week charts

    Rain amount in one calendar month and calendar year beginning January 1

    Inches of rain in the current two week period

    Maximum rain rate in inches per hour (shows intensity of a storm)

    Outside temperature over a two week period

    Barometer over a two week period

    Outside dew point over the current two week period. This is how sticky it feels outside. Most humans in Emigsville find dew points over 70 oppressive.

    Heat index, over the current two week period, provides an index of how hot it actually feels taking into account humidity and the fact that humans in Emigsville need to sweat to cool off. Link here for the effect of heat index on teh human body.

    The direction of the highest wind for each day over the current two week period.

    Highest wind speed over a two week period

    Outside humidity over the current two week period

    Wind Chill over the current two week period

    Wind direction over the current two week period.

    Wind run over the current two week period. Wind run is measurement of the “amount” of wind passing the weather sensor suite in a 24 hour period each day.

    Wind speed over the current two week period.